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I borrowed $250 from Dollars Direct and repaid them on Dec 7 by buying a money order from my CIBC branch and paying UPS $15 to take the package to their 1 Yonge Street Toronto address. Now on Dec 29 they claim they never received the package and they will not look in their 1 Yonge Street Office, as it is not for receiving mail. They refuse to look for my money order.

I have contacted UPS and I need to get a tracking number and CIBC is willing to look through all their day's work since they sell 20 money orders a day. Also I am having major renovations on my house, so I will have some documentation, though I don't know how much.

I was told that they are an American company, based in the States, but they will not give me their street address there. The company also seems to have an office in Australia, according to the internet address.

I have left a message for the supervisor.

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